The  Michigan Cyber Command Center (MC3) is offering some basic cybersecurity best practices to help Michigan organizations and individuals stay safe online.

To help keep accounts secure, the MC3 recommends the following tips on password security:

  • A strong password should be used for each account.
    • Strong passwords should:
      • Be at least 15 characters long (the longer the better).
      • Contain a random mix of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters.
    • Alternatively, a passphrase, which is a sentence-like string of random words, can also be used.  Passphrases are generally easier to remember while at the same time maintaining or exceeding proper password length.
  • Each account should have a unique password.  Passwords should never be reused.  This is important because reusing passwords opens the opportunity for credential stuffing.  This is when bad actors use previously leaked credentials from one site or service and applies those credentials to other sites and services. 
  • Passwords should never be shared.
  • Utilize a dedicated, reputable password manager.  Password mangers remove the anxiety of remembering all your account credentials by storing them in one location with only one master password to remember.  More information on password managers can be found on our website.  Passwords should never be stored in web browsers.
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all accounts.  MFA adds an extra layer of security as it requires a username, password, and a unique item only known to them.  Often, this unique item comes in the form of a one-time security code obtained via an authenticator application or via text-message/email.
  • Passwords should be regularly changed.  At a bare minimum, passwords should be reset upon notification of an unintended disclosure.

For additional information and resources, please visit  To report a cyber incident to the MC3, please email  or call 1-877-MI-CYBER.

Below is a link to the recording for the Cyber Security Webinar on Wednesday, October 5
Passcode: F9J^RA7F



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