“Corporate social responsibility” is growing in popularity for businesses, employees and customers. The term refers to a company’s planned initiatives to improve society in some way.

Our latest infographic highlights the growing impact of CSR in the business world.

Percentage of companies publishing a CSR report:

  • 20% in 2011
  • 53% in 2012
  • 72% in 2013
  • 75% in 2014
  • 81% in 2015

Corporate Responsibility can be a big draw for consumers:

55% of customers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

CSR drives employees, too:

Percentage who consider CSR in deciding where to work

  • 79% of Millennials
  • 68% of Generation Xers
  • 58% is the US average.

Mid-sized businesses use CSR to support these causes:

  • Education: 60%
  • Environment: 45%
  • Economic development: 40%
  • Youth Services: 40%
  • Disaster Relief: 30%
  • Arts and Culture: 20%

Businesses with causes can be structured as nonprofits, benefit corporations, cooperatives or C corps with CSR programs.

Infographic: Small Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Infographic: Small Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)