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Should You or Shouldn’t You Open a Business

February 22, 2021,

Have you what it takes to start your own business? Paul Krecke, SCORE mentor, shares how launching a business is a lot like having a baby.


Business Plan 101

February 17, 2021,

Writing the plan forces you to see both the positive and negative aspects of this business venture, says Cheryl Hoffman, SCORE mentor. Learn about doing your research and developing a plan that will guide your business.


Business Lending Basics

February 17, 2021,

Guest blogger Cynthia Lamberson shares the basics of business lending and says to step back to the basics. Create goals, do your best to prepare, find a mentor and tap into your circle of advisors. Read on to learn how to be prepared to tap into financing and how to set and achieve your financing goals.


The Mentor Life

February 10, 2021

SCORE Mentors: Good listeners. They like people. Volunteers. They like helping small businesses succeed. Their reward is helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Read more about Tip of the Mitt SCORE mentors.


COVID-19 Challenges Continue

February 8, 2021,

Although the COVID-19 challenges continue, mentor Margo Johnson describes how companies can lead their employees through some best practices for today's work environment.


Financing Considerations for Small Businesses

February 5, 2021,

Did you know that businesses have a “credit score?” and that 72% of owners do not know their business’s credit score! SCORE Tip of the Mitt mentor Paul Hartmann shares important information about financing options for 2021.


How to Build Your Bench of Employees

February 1, 2021,

Building a strong team is key to small business success. In this post, Rex Winter helps you learn how to fill your bench with employees who are right for your business success.


Small Business Financing with Grants

January 30, 2021,

Which grant should I pursue and where do I look for them? SCORE mentor Jim Abbey shares tips on how to find and write grants.


Add Online Ordering to Your 2021 Wishlist

January 26, 2021,

Guest blogger Marcie Wolf, Abuzz Creative, shares her expert tips on pursuing an online sales plan for 2021. According to Wolf, making the leap into online sales will help your business prosper during the continuing pandemic and beyond. Read her tips for getting started.


Question: To LLC or not to LLC?

August 18, 2020,

SCORE mentor Paul Krecke shares insights into the decision many entrepreneurs face: To LLC or Not to LLC!


A mid-summer status check for businesses

August 4, 2020,

SCORE mentor Tracy Dryovage offers advice for local businesses on where to get help.


Help people find you with online with search tool

July 21, 2020,

SCORE hosts Sommer Poquette with for a conversation about improving local search. Poquette shared tips for harnessing Google My Business to improve visibility.