As we begin to enter the fall season, many things are on peoples’ minds such as football, sweatshirts, crisp air, and the holiday festivities. But what many fail to do is to take a closer look at their financial/tax situations before year end. The key to making smart financial decisions is having a good team around you. In the financial world, you should have a good attorney, financial advisor, and accountant in your arsenal. Here’s a short overview of what you should discuss with each of them as fall arrives:


Take the time to think about any life changes that have happened like having a child, buying a home, receiving an inheritance, etc. After making a list, contact your attorney to see if any changes need to be made to your estate/trust documents. Doing so checks one thing off the list of your heirs’ responsibilities which can be burdensome enough.

Financial Advisor

Check in with your financial advisor/insurance agent to go over existing investment strategies/results and make any insurance changes that need to be made. By doing so, your financial advisor can provide you with sound investment advice and pivot strategies if needed. Also, no one ever wants to use insurance but being adequately insured can make a dramatic difference when situations occur.


Talk with your CPA about any taxable transactions that took place over the last year such as getting married, having a child, starting a new job/business, sale of assets, inherited assets, etc. Keeping your CPA informed of these events will help them plan for any hidden tax traps well before they arise.

Finally, make sure each one of your advisors communicate with each other. Effective communication ensures your financial goals will be met in the future by presenting a united front. 

About the Author(s)

David George

As a CPA at Rasmussen, Teller & Caron, David George specializes in individual and business tax strategy and tax implication research. He graduated with honors from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting. David is the treasurer of Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity.

Certified Public Accountant, Rasmussen, Teller & Caron
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