Moving along the 4-part series on the Story Brand framework. Last month you met your hero and the problem they face. As I unfold the rest of the framework you’ll be able to share your own story geared toward your ideal clients.

Along the Way the Hero Meets a Guide ...

Your ideal client knows there is a problem that must be solved but hasn't figured out the solution. They've tried things and it's just not working. They need a guide, a Yoda to their Luke.
A guide - that's you! - helps them cross the bridge from where they are to where they want to be. A guide displays two main attributes: empathy and authority.
Empathy is your reason that you care. Sprinkle empathy in your marketing messages by telling your clients how you understand their problem, validate their emotions.
Authority shows you are capable and qualified to help. Your marketing can include awards, testimonials, quantitative data of how you serve.

... Who Gives Them a Plan

You have a process that you use to help your clients. Boil it down to the simplest steps. In fact, no more than 4 steps. There may be multiple steps in between but your clients only want to know what gets them from here to there and if it's overwhelming they are out.
Summarize your process in the simplest way.
Stay tuned for the next steps of the Story Brand framework to help you tell your story.

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