Search Engine Optimization is Everything. Your goal is to be first on Google, right? You want your site to show up at the top when someone is googling for what you do or sell.
That means you have to know things about your audience:
What are your ideal customer’s needs?
What keywords are people using to find your business?
E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness
E-A-T comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines to help assess the quality of their search results. Google published this document online in 2013 to “help webmasters understand what Google looks for in a web page.”
To build traffic through organic search results, focus on the three elements of quality content.


Google looks for content that is written by a subject matter expert. An expert demonstrates relevant life experience and everyday expertise.
That’s you!
You’re an expert, you know your industry, and you demonstrate that know-how online.


When a website is a popular source of information about a topic, that’s authority. Wikipedia is a good source of information so it’s an authority site.
Make sure your outside links are from websites with good authority and good rankings.


Users demand a high degree of trust when they visit a website.
To gain a user’s trust, be transparent about who you are and what makes you an authority on your subject.
Another way to instill trust is by sharing reviews, testimonials, and awards you might have earned.
E-A-T Takes Time
You want to make sure Google is sending potential customers your way.
E‑A-T is something you should always be working on to improve because it is so important for SEO.
Demonstrating good E-A-T both on and off your website can potentially help improve your Google rankings.

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Marcie Wolf

Marcie Wolf, owner of Abuzz Creative, has almost 25 years of experience in website design, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and local SEO.

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E-A-T: The Three Elements of Quality Content