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Customer Service in the COVID-19 Era

Your customers may not see your smile, but they can hear your smile says guest blogger Becky Philipp-Kranig, owner of Bearcub Outfitters in Petoskey, She explains why customer service remains the same during the pandemic, but the way we carry it out has changed.


Your Business Elevator Pitch

April 19, 2021,

Are you prepared to discuss your business at any given moment? Do you have a short pitch to share? Sheila Simpson shares tips for having your elevator pitch ready.


Be Your Own Boss: 4 College Degrees That Lead to Small Business Success 

April 5, 2021,

Understanding basic business concepts will benefit every entrepreneur. Doug Tippett, career development specialist at North Central Michigan College, explains which degrees can provide essential skills for any business.


Is Crowdfunding For You?

March 18, 2021,

Is crowdfunding for you? Learn the pros and cons and find out how to make the most of your crowdfunding effort from SCORE Tip of the Mitt volunteer mento Sharon Schappacher.


Pandemic Poker -- Raise, Hold or Fold

March 10, 2021,

Do you know raise, hold or fold? Mike Nunneley from the Small Business Development Center tells us that you need to understand your current situation and Know Your Numbers first! Then, find a way to succeed.


Why is joining your local chamber of commerce so important?

March 2, 2021,

This is not your grandparents chamber of commerce. A bold statement, but one that rings very true.
Nikki Devitt, President of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce, shares how local chambers of commerce are vital to business.


Should You or Shouldn’t You Open a Business

February 22, 2021,

Have you what it takes to start your own business? Paul Krecke, SCORE mentor, shares how launching a business is a lot like having a baby.


Business Plan 101

February 17, 2021,

Writing the plan forces you to see both the positive and negative aspects of this business venture, says Cheryl Hoffman, SCORE mentor. Learn about doing your research and developing a plan that will guide your business.


Business Lending Basics

February 17, 2021,

Guest blogger Cynthia Lamberson shares the basics of business lending and says to step back to the basics. Create goals, do your best to prepare, find a mentor and tap into your circle of advisors. Read on to learn how to be prepared to tap into financing and how to set and achieve your financing goals.


The Mentor Life

February 10, 2021

SCORE Mentors: Good listeners. They like people. Volunteers. They like helping small businesses succeed. Their reward is helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Read more about Tip of the Mitt SCORE mentors.


COVID-19 Challenges Continue

February 8, 2021,

Although the COVID-19 challenges continue, mentor Margo Johnson describes how companies can lead their employees through some best practices for today's work environment.


Financing Considerations for Small Businesses

February 5, 2021,

Did you know that businesses have a “credit score?” and that 72% of owners do not know their business’s credit score! SCORE Tip of the Mitt mentor Paul Hartmann shares important information about financing options for 2021.