Born in Freeport, Texas to a family steeped in maritime, Bob is a recognized leader in the Communications Industry through his work in the US and United Kingdom. His business acumen was developed behind experiences in a number of industries all with ties to communications. As the founder of NearshoreNetworks, Bob spends his time enabling the leadership team to reach their potential in their specialty area of the business.

He works strategically with affiliate companies to incorporate their point solutions into NearshoreNetworks long term roadmap and translate them into practical, value add elements for customers. Building on a background in Energy and Maritime, Bob’s goal for NearshoreNetworks is to deliver tangible operational and financial value to Vessel Owners, Managers and Operators as well as enhancing life aboard for passengers and crew. Bob is guiding NearshoreNetworks to be the world class leader in secure satellite and cellular maritime communications.

Bob Miltenberger - Nearshore Networks